teem down = rain heavily


  • It ‘s still teeming down. We can’t go out yet.
  • It ‘s been teeming down for three days! How long is it going to last?
  • It was teeming down, so we cancelled all our pic-nic plans for that day.

drag (something) out = make (something) last longer

  • Many students had complained that they needed more time to write at the exams, so they dragged out the duration of the exams for half an hour.
  • Let ‘s not drag out the meeting again. We can finish sooner this time.
  • Can you believe they dragged out the party for two whole days? It must have been so exhausting!
  • When we visit our parents, they have missed us so much that they try to drag our visit out for as long as possible.
  • The negotiations between the two companies will probably drag out for months.
  • Let ‘s end this discussion here. I see no point in dragging it out any further.
  • We wanted to drag our trip out for another week, but we ran out of money and we had to come back.
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