step out = go out
step out of (a place) = get out (of a place)


  • The traffic policeman told me to step out of the car and asked to see my driving license.
  • She never steps out of the house without make-up.
  • I ‘m afraid Jenny is not here. She has stepped out to do some shopping.
  • I stepped out of the classroom to get my jacket. I had forgotten it in the school yard.
  • He has just stepped out for a few minutes. You can wait for him here, if you wish.
  • Step out of the ordinary! Do something creative, something original! Be yourself!
  • She really doesn’t like being around people she doesn’t know. She stepped out of her comfort zone (=she did something, although it made her feel uncomfortable), when she came to your party where she knew nobody.

deliver updeliver over = give to an official (somebody in authority)
deliver myself up = deliver myself over = give myself to an official

  • We delivered up the goods to the customs officials.
  • We delivered up all the evidence to the police.
  • We delivered over all the money to the police.
  • We delivered up all the data to the court.
  • The murderer delivered himself up to the police.
  • They delivered their luggage over to the boarder control.
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