take in, take into = take somebody or something to another place


  • I took him into the kitchen to tell him the secret.
  • I ‘m going to town tomorrow in my car. I can take you in, if you want. 
  • I took the video recorder in to the shop I bought it from because there was a problem with a button. 
  • If you want to talk to the supervisor, I can take you in right away. 
  • She felt very tired and I took her in a cup of coffee. 
  • My grandmother has been taken into hospital. 
  • I took my grandfather in for his regular check-up at the doctor’s.  

kick out (of a place) = force someone to leave (a place)

  • He was so drunk that they kicked him out of the restaurant.
  • We haven’t paid the rent for months. They are going to kick us out of the apartment.
  • He had caused so much trouble that in the end they kicked him out of school.
  • They were kicked out of the club for fighting.
  • He was kicked out of the company for stealing.
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