copy down = write on paper (something that is spoken or shown on a board)


  • The students copied down the exercise from the board.
  • This food is delicious! Tell me the recipe, I’ll copy it down.
  • Let me copy your telephone number down.
  • The reporters copied down what the prime minister said.
  • I like copying down new words and phrases that I hear on television. It helps you learn the language better.

hang out (with somebody) = often spend time with somebody or at a place

  • Why are you hanging out with such bad people?
  • My mum doesn’t really like the people I hang out with.
  • If you want to find us, we usually hang out at the new sports club.
  • Teenagers like to hang out with people of their own age.
  • I know all the places my older brother hangs out and all the people he hangs out with.
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