check over = examine


  • Check your paper over before you hand it in to the teacher.
  • Could you please check over my car? There ‘s a strange noise I ‘ve been hearing when I start the engine.
  • Could you please check over our bill? There must be a mistake. We didn’t order as much.
  • Check the contract over before you sign it.
  • Before we bought the house, we checked over everything, the floors, the walls, the roof, everything!

jump to = move quickly, arrive quickly

  • He couldn’t find his money and he jumped to the conclusion that I had stolen it! I was very much insulted!
  • Don’t jump to rash conclusions. You are not really sure that he lied to you. Ask first.
  • Food prices have jumped to a record. Food has never been so expensive.
  • Unemployment jumped to 15% in November.
  • The number of people who are uninsured jumped to fifty million.
  • Jump to it or you ‘ll miss the train! (= hurry up!)
  • If you don’t jump to it, you ‘ll miss the beginning of the film.
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