>COME OUT (13), COME TO (3)


come out = stop work and go on strike


  • Factory workers have come out on strike.
  • They asked for a raise but received a negative answer from their employers, so they decided to come out.
  • Other workers have come out too in support of the factory workers.
  • Many employees came out to protest over the new law.
  • Unless an agreement is reached, the union has decided to come out.

come to = arrive at something

  • Some people die of eating too much and others die of hunger. What is our world coming to ?
  • Has our relationship come to this? We don’t even trust each other?
  • We have come to an agreement.  
  • The negotiatons have come to an end.
  • At last the war came to an end.
  • -I hope your conversation with Tom won’t come to a fight again!
  • -No, it won’t come to that, I promise.
  • We have come to a decision.
  • I have come to the conclusion that he has been lying to me all this time.
  • There is so much I wanted to do with my life. Unfortunately, all my dreams have come to nothing.


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