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My Story of Implementation ‘Inventions and Discoveries’ was published on the site of Europeana on October 26th, 2021.

You can access it at http://blogs.eun.org/teachwitheuropeana/stories-of-implementation/soi-topic/soi-steam/implementation-of-inventions-and-discoveries-soi-gr-235/

The learning scenario was implemented by all three classes of the 6th grade Primary School students, aged 11-12, during distance teaching, both synchronously, four 30 minute sessions, and asynchronously, on the digital platforms suggested by the Greek Ministry of Education, webex and e-class respectively.  All learners were familiar with the Europeana platform and its resources, as they had previously worked on it with the “Implementation of ‘In My Shoes’ (SOI-EXT-190) in 2020, while they were in the 5th grade, and the “We Give Peace a Chance” (LS-GR-544) in 2021. The activities designed are cross curricular, allowing learners to develop their skills and expand their knowledge on English, Science, Technology, Geography, History, ICT, Languages and Literacy. The content, resources, materials, and activities suit the current Greek primary education National Curriculum. The students had already finished Unit 4 in their course book, which familiarized them with biographies of inventors, the story of Daedalus and Icarus, the Wright Brothers, Igor Sikorsky and the Montgolfier brothers.

2nd SOI 1536x1152  4τη SOI 1536x1152

3th SOI 1536x1152By the end of the implementation of the learning scenario, the learners were able to understand and identify specific information in authentic informative or descriptive texts, concerning scientific developments and the biographies of important personalities. They were also able to produce short texts, utilizing information from different sources, both visual and textual. They developed their speaking and listening skills, understanding and interacting about biographies and scientific breakthroughs.

Students, additionally, developed their digital competence as they did safe web search, understood and made use of digital resources, used digital collaborative tools, familiarized themselves with the educational value of websites, expressed themselves through the computer environment and created their own digital narrative.

Finally, learners developed their communicative and social competences as they interacted and collaborated. They raised their awareness about gender equality, breaking down prejudices and stereotypes, and familiarized themselves with STEM based professions.

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