The project developed the critical thinking of our students in an innovative way, familiarizing them with the contributions of all these awe-inspiring women while identifying the issue of Gender Equality.

With inquiry based techniques, students discovered the reason why these women are inspirational and helped the world tremendously. They, then, produced their own multimodal work.

The activities were based on the principles of cognitive constructivism so that students could process the experiences they gained from the project, evaluate them and be able to build knowledge and positive attitudes.

The initial survey helped them realize the gender inequality in the decision makers of the community. With guided discovery and experiential engagement, students actively participated in national and transnational groups, collaboratively creating digital biographies for these women on a padlet.

Students used voice recordings to tell their story, greenscreen presentations to build an authentic link with these women,  digital posters to present the information their partners had shared, interactive posters with thinglink to include significant information in various forms of media and dioramas linked learning to unique creative experiences. Sharing their messages on Gender equality and messages of hope and health during the lockdown due to Covid 19 was a means to express their voice and build a rapport of solidarity.

Democratic participation was also promoted with the intercultural dialogue developed in the three forum discussions and the threefold reflective procedures of evaluation of the project. Interactive games and esafety rules were also inspired and produced enhancing digital literacy.

The pedagogical techniques used and the interaction achieved contributed to the development of students’ analytical-synthetic skills, their creativity, their respect for cultural diversity and the culture of collective spirit, enhanced them to take initiatives, and increased their empathy and confidence in an equitable learning environment.

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