Save the Word, both an eTwinning partnership and a Global Partnership

The project Save the Word focussed on Global Goals.

Students showed an amazing commitment! They solved riddles, played games, drew pictures, wrote poems, made their own newspaper articles and breaking news!

They worked together with schools from all over the world for the Climate Action project,, which is designed and organized by Koen Timmers.

It is an inspiration for teachers and learners to work and collaborate on real world problem solving, focusing on the tremendous effects of climate change, relating it to their community and suggesting ways of how it can be faced.

In 2017 250 schools across 69 countries participated and in 2018 there are 515 schools across 90 countries.

This project is supported by Dalai Lama, Dr. Jane Goodall, Greenpeace, Unesco, Microsoft Education, scientists and other public figures. Students over 6 continents focused on Climate Change during 4 weeks.


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