Food 4 all, Zero Hunger, eTwinning project

Carefully structured learning outcomes, clear and specific expectations from the students, challenging yet manageable tasks and collaborative activities contributed to the creation of various, multimedia and interactive products in our project, Food 4 All,

The questionnaire in the beginning of the project, the tale of bread ebook, the video presentations of the recipes, the information about healthy diet, the plate pledge, the mock United Nations Conference on Malnutrition, the hunger trees as well as the final evaluation boosted the students’ self-confidence and willingness to take initiatives.

The project has been presented during the school year in various educational events:

  • The presentation of school projects 2017-2018 organized by the Department of Primary Education in the prefecture of Ileia, Greece

Ss’ reflections show that they developed their cognitive as well as communicative, collaborative and social skills.

Parents’ highly positive feedback proves the success of the project which has offered learners an unforgettable learning experience. This picture demonstrates the significant impact of the project not only on the learners, the immediate participants of the projects, but also on their parents who learned about all our work and the implications of the issue we explored through their children.

Teachers managed to raise ss’ awareness on global issues, become familiar with ICT tools and get inspired to take action. Our collaboration was highly creative, focused and effective. We learned from each other, shared practices, ideas and goals.

Let’s hope that through our project we are driving change!

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