Monumental Europe

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation”. Nelson Mandela’s words have been our inspiration and motto in the implementation of our project, Monumental Europe, during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. With close cooperation and coordination, the five partner countries have achieved our goals and strengthened our sense of European identity.

Collaborative activities have allowed us to deepen into each partner’s cultural heritage and to be sensitized about the value of our monuments, traditions, languages ​​and cultural diversity. The project helped our students become more autonomous, creative, social, communicative and extrovert. They also significantly improved the level of English, as this was the language of communication. Since the beginning of the action, students have had a new challenge: to discover countries, monuments and cultures from Europe and to spread their new knowledge beyond their classroom, school and their cities.

According to their views, they now feel more European. The project plan was fully completed as the participants collaboratively created original material on specific themes.

The synopsis of this multidimentional creative collaboration is a video titled “Monumental Europe in Three Minutes” showing the most important points of the project.

It is important to add that our project has been presented during the school year in several official educational events such as:

  • Two eTwinning workshops for teachers in Pyrgos, Greece
  • The presentation of school projects in the prefecture of Ileia, Greece
  • The presentation of european projects in Patras, Greece, 
  • eTwinning teacher training session in Manresa, Barcelona, Catalonia
  • President Mattarella, Sardinia, Italy
  • USR Sardegna  Progetto Erasmus+ “Cosmopolitismo Digitale  Italy
  • Project Presentation in The Town Hall and in the Gramsci Museum Ghilarza Italy
  • School Gala in Poland
  • School show in France
  • International Projects Presentation in Navàs, Catalonia
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