Disseminating our projects


The work I did last year with my pupils was wonderful because cooperation and collaboration with the other participants of the project were both ideal and inspiring.

With the colleagues we worked on the project against bullying we decided to disseminate it by presenting it at a conference that took place in Thessaloniki, the » 4o Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο «Ένταξη και Χρήση των ΤΠΕ στην Εκπαιδευτική Διαδικασία»., Α.Π.Θ., ΠΑΜΑΚ και ΕΤΠΕ.»   http://etpe2015.web.auth.gr/etpe2015/el/node/1  It was an amazing conference with a lot of interesting presentations. The feedback we got for our presentation was very positive, which of course made us more than happy!



With the colleagues we did the project in the European School Radio we made a presentation at the 2nd National  eTwinning Professional Development Conference which took place in Patras, http://www.etwinning.gr/conf2015/. It was so nice to be among friends and colleagues, and talk about happy moments of cooperation and creativity in eTwinning and European School Radio! Special thanks to Claire Morvan – Communication Manager, eTwinning Central Support Service in Brussels-  for reminding us the universal language of kindness with her kind words and warm smileΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΟ

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