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Erasmus KA 229 Project code 2018-1-EL01-KA229-047802

The idea of the partnership is based on “Future Classroom Lab” by European Schoolnet in Brussels. The lab is an inspirational learning environment, challenging visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms.


Future Classroom Lab TOOLSETS Collection

Explore Toolsets at Future Classroom Lab page here

Future Classroom Lab How to use TOOLKIT

The Future Classroom Toolkit is a collection of tools, guidance and resources for designing future classroom scenarios and using them to bring advanced and innovative learning and teaching to the classroom. The toolkit helps the user to establish a path through the process of innovation. It focuses on advanced approaches to learning and teaching that support learners in the adoption of 21st century skills.


Future Classroom Lab TOOLKIT

How to use the Toolkit
There is no single model for the future. We provide you with the Future Classroom Model: a self-review tool that enables schools to reflect on their teaching and learning and their capacity for technology-supported innovation.

The learning environment today and tomorrow – a new Novigado publication

To suit the 21st century, more and more educators and policy-makers are calling for a shift in teaching methods and education content towards student-centred, active learning.

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity – the 4Cs– are the «super skills» which are essential for successful learning, teaching, assessment, working and living in today’s digital economy. How can schools prepare the young generation of learners for the challenges ahead of them in this ever-changing world?

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Resources from European Schoolnet

Lots of information and inspiring ideas at Future Classroom Lab official webpage here

Resources for FCL

Guidelines on Exploring and Adapting Learning Spaces
in Schools

Guidelines on Exploring and Adapting LEARNING SPACES IN SCHOOLS

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LTTAs around Europe






LTTA 6 Greece May 2020 Gymnasio Gennadiou

We are sorry that LTTA 6 in Greece has been cancelled.

You can see the creation of Future Classroom Lab at Gymnasio Gennadiou at the links

Future Classroom Lab for Erasmus

Future Classroom Lab at local tv

LTTA 5 FINLAND February 2020 Lapua Upper Secondary

LTTA 5. We studied learning zone 3 and 4, Present and Interact

Lapua Upper Secondary presented the changes made to create Future Classroom lab at their school

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Presentations by students

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LTTA 4 SPAIN November 2019 IES El Sobradillo

The topicof LTTA 4 was Learning zone 5 and 6, Exchange and Develop. IES El Sobradillo presented their tranformation of Learning Spaces.

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Students workshops

Presentations by students

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