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Eratosthenes Experiment preparations! Sun energy , Physics , Math and… Art !!!

Jan 201912

The infamous Eratosthenes experiment, was conducted more than 2200 years ago, by the synonymous Greek mathematician and geographer, using only a stick, a measuring tape, feet and brains! It is highly educational and can be implemented rather easily nowadays, and also adapted to our Erasmu+ project ccoperation and become a common project , combining fun […]

Happy New Year!

Jan 20191

We wish you a very happy  ” greener ” new year , full of positive (and… renewable) energy,  communication, collaboration and endless creativity !!!  

Second Teachers Organisational Transnational Meeting , Genova 22 – 26 2018

Dec 201813

Our Erasmus project’s second organisational Teachers Transnational Meeting took place in Genova from October  22nd to October 26th of 2018. The German , the Italian and the  Greek team joined their forces at the sunny beautiful Italian Linguria seaside with great history and hard working inspiring people. It was a very successful and fruitful meeting,  […]

Greek Press Articles about the start of our project’s second year

Dec 201813

Εφημερίδα  ” Πατρίς ” – ” Patris ” newspaper  (in Greek) : “Απολογισμός με θετικό πρόσημο για το 2ο Γυμνάσιο Αμαλιάδας κ αι τη συμμετοχή του στο Erasmus+ “8 Νοεμβρίου 2018 – 13:40   http://www.patrisnews.com/apologismos-me-thetiko-prosimo-gia-to-2o-gymnasio-amaliadas-ke-ti-symmetochi-tou-sto-erasmus/       Εφημερίδα ” Πατρίς ” – ” Patris ” Newspaper ( in Greek) ” Αμαλιάδα: Με δώρα από τη Γένοβα […]

Erasmus+ Italian style party at 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, Greece, school to share our 2nd teachers mobility in Genova and share pictures and tastes of our trip with the teachers of our school!

Nov 201817

November 17th  2018 : Erasmus+ Italian style party at 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, Greece! Teachers who travelled to Italy prepared a little “feast” to share our 2nd teachers mobility in Genova news, project our trip pictures, present work progress and bring souvenirs along with offering Genovese tastes and listening to Italian music with […]

2nd Junior High School of Amaliada work presentation for 2nd Erasmus Meeting Genova ( October 2018) – second project year 2018 – 2019 ideas

Oct 201822

And… What is Erasmus+, say again ? A video for the new visitors of our Erasmus blog!

Erasmus+ ” European Schools Go Green ” First transnational students and teachers meeting week

Apr 201830

The 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Erasmus team joins the project “Lets Do It Greece” !

Apr 201829

    In  Amaliada, today, our school’s Erasmus+ “European Schools Go Green”team joins the great national “Lets do it Greece project”. Today, Sunday 29 of April, in every part of Greece , a civic-led mass movement have joined the project to clean up illegal waste , plant trees, get out in the streets and nature to do […]

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