A unique meeting

On Tuesday 29 March, our school was honoured to have a visit by three American teachers: Erin McCarthy, Rochelle Darville and Maria Murillo. The students of all the grades met the teachers at the auditorium room of our school. There, each teacher presented us the school system of the area where they come from and also introduced us to the habits that American students have. They were extremely friendly and comfortable with us and they were often saying “My kids…”  when they were referring to their students which was really touching. Actually, it made me realise that no matter what language you speak, being a teacher, interacting with teenagers is always the same thing everywhere on this planet.

After the visit I caught myself being way too excited and impressed. Not only because I got the chance to meet people from another country (that was always my dream) but also because I felt amazed by the way that they seem to encourage students to discover what they really want to do in their future. Sadly, in Greece we have a long way to go until we are able to break the standards of society and the perceptions that separate jobs into prestigious and inferior ones. Moreover, I liked the fact that there are after school clubs available and students do not have to attend a ton of afternoon classes.

Programmes like that should be organised a bit more often. Teenagers like to get in touch with people around the world. We always have many questions to ask. Our heads are filled with complicated thoughts: How does this happen? Do teenagers around the world share the same worries as we? How blessed are we with what the government of our country provides to the school system?

I asked about the emotional impact that lockdown had on teenagers. Miss McCarthy replied that it was really hard because students felt lonely but it was also a chance for them to work on themselves and realise if they are more efficient working on a team or on their own. I’ve never thought of that.

Anyway, I wanted to write about that day so badly because I felt happy about the chance that Miss Pitsaki gave to us. Since the language is quite familiar, meeting a native speaker who is also a teacher was a challenge and an awesome experience that made me praise again my decision to come to this school.

By: Rodanthi Brilaki

Second Grade of Model General Lyceum of Heraklion


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