Loneliness – A different lesson

A Sad Song About Greenwich Village

Frances Park


She lives in a garret

Up a haunted stair,

And even when she is frightened

There’s nobody to care.


She cooks so small a dinner

She dines on the smell,

And even if she’s hungry

There’s nobody to tell.


She sweeps her musty lodging

As the dawn steal near,

And even when she’s crying

There’s nobody to hear.


I haven’t seen my neighbor

Since a long time ago,

And even if she’s dead

There’s nobody to know.


Ένα ποίημα  της Frances Park κι ένα τραγούδι των Beatles ανταμώνουν σ’ ένα «διαφορετικό» μάθημα με θέμα τη μοναξιά και την αποξένωση…

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