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United in Diversity

Συγγραφέας: | 5 Μαρτίου 2020
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Unite in diversity, (U.in D.). http://www.unitedindiversity.gr

It is a project that will last 2 years and involves schools from Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Poland. 1000

students from 4 countries and four schools will be involved (10-14 ages). Most of the children in this

Projects come from disadvantaged backgrounds and all schools have a lot of things in common, that is

the main reason for the partnership. The main objective is to bring the people together, combine their

needs and find solutions, accept one another and involve all parts in actively participating in the

society by engaging them in collaborative activities. All these different students, as they immerse into

a society unknown to them, need to feel the security of being included in everyday life in all aspects.

Improving European education, training system quality, and inclusion has been set as a key target in

Europe’s strategy to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy by 2020 (Council of the

European Union, 2010).

These objectives are more specifically defined in the so-called Modernization Agenda (EC 2011).

We are aware that our students without these values, won’t be able to live in peace in a multicultural

society. The 21st century requires gaining cultural awareness competencies, communication,

collaboration, social and civic responsibility, and digital literacy competencies. All good teachers build

a bridge between what students know and what they need to learn.

We have focused on the following objectives:

  • To reduce the school drop out rates in the communities involved in the project.
  • To develop the key competencies, such as ICT skills and linguistic competences using ways of

teaching and learning focused on children.

  • To improve the linguistic competence in children in order to develop techniques and skills which will

be essential for them in the world of work in a close future.

  • To encourage in children the capacity of work in Europe since early ages by working on linguistic

and social competences.

  • To implement the European dimension among all participants, encourage in them

internationalization and be open-minded, which is so important to be integrated in a common Europe

to prevent our communities’ members of social exclusion in the future.

  • To use ICT a tool of communication, elaboration, evaluation, and diffusion of the results.
  • To improve students’ and teachers’ communication, group working skills, the use of English as

common language.

  • To compare methods of teaching and learning, values of education, school organization and

the curriculum in order to look for innovative ways of teaching and learning and introduce pedagogically


We will have 5 main products: A dictionary with basic functions in our mother languages, the »dictionary of diversity».

*A multicultural newspaper.

*A theatrical drama about an inter-cultural Europe, »The myth of diversity».

*Composing a new song about European identity and making a new dance from our traditional folk

dances, »U in D» song and dance.

*Producing a video documentary »Me and U in Diversity» about European and human values, in order

to promote solidarity, tolerance, acceptance, and empathy.

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