Shakespeare-ience: Interacting with ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Story. A cultural Project with Primary School Learners

Shakespeare’s popular tragedy ‘Romeo & Juliet’ poses a major challenge with the language, the plot and themes it involves for the young generations. The present cultural project aims to practise English as a foreign language, to familiarize young learners with English drama and to achieve both a cross-curricular and a cross-cultural approach to foreign language learning through a variety of resources and activities, discussion topics and collaborative work that connect back to the main universal themes of Shakespeare’s story.


Maria D. Tzotzou holds a BA in English Language and Literature (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), an MA in ‘Computational Linguistics ‘(National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-National Technical University of Athens, a MEd in ‘Studies in Education’ (Hellenic Open University) and a MEd in TESOL ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages'(Hellenic Open University). She has been a state EFL teacher (primary and tertiary education), teacher trainer and adult educator in EFL lifelong learning programs. Her research interests focus on ELT methodology, teacher training and distance lifelong learning.

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