ERASMUS+ – MERIEL, FRANCE (2017) – Pinelopi from Greece writes about the trip to France

Sunday (12-3-17) – After traveling all night, we finally reached our destination, the French city Meriel, where all the families and the teachers of the French students were waiting for us with a heartwarming welcome!

Monday (13-3-17) – On the Monday morning we all gathered at the French school, where the principal, the other teachers and the students welcomed us to their school and wished us to have a great time to their city.



After that, we had a short guided tour of the school by the French students during which we were told the story of their school and how everything works.

Later, we separated in teams, composed of students from different countries, and we started writing the last chapter of the book “Die Kinder von Europia“.

At 4:00 on that day we left the school and went to the students‘ houses, where we had free time with the French families.

Tuesday (14-3-17) – In the morning after arriving at school, we and our teachers visited the city Auvers-sur-Oise. We were guided in the wonderful city while hearing the story of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. The city was so peaceful and full of amazing landscapes which made you escape from the big city’s life.


After this impressive trip we went back to the school, where every country presented organizations that maintain “Children’s rights“ and then we all sang together.

“We are the world“

„Bruder Jacob“

„We are Europia“

In the afternoon we all went back to the houses of the French families!

Wednesday (15-3-17) – In the morning we all arrived at the school again, where we all took part in two different workshops. We first drew a painting of Van Gogh and after we made posters dedicated to the peace and equality between the people of Europe and the other world. Early in this midday we all left school and went again back to the French families.

Thursday (16-3-17) – Finally, the day we were all waiting more, came! We all took the bus from school and finally arrived to the dreamy city of Paris. – By the time we got off the bus we could all understand the glamour of this city.

Then we separated in teams (Each with his own school) and we participated in a “Treasure Hunt“ which had been organized by the French students.

After that we visited the amazing well-known museum, the Museum of Louvre.

Later we took a ship and were guided to the wonderful and historic river Seine. While traveling on the river we admired all the landmarks in our way and of course the Eifel Tower.

In the afternoon, after our great experience in the city of lights and love, we returned to the school and then we went all back to the French students‘ houses.

Friday (17-3-17) – Our last morning in the French school began with a game for children’s rights, and it was another activity that made us come closer with other students.

Later around noon we presented, each team, the last chapter of the book and we voted for the best.

In the afternoon we went to the students‘ houses again and later we went back to school for the farewell party. It was the last night to this beautiful city and we really enjoyed by dancing and singing all together. It was a party full of energy and many feelings. In the end we were given some memory-gifts and then after our emotional goodbye with all the students we went back to the French families‘ houses! Our last night in France has come to its end.

Saturday (18-3-17)

It was time to leave. In the morning we left the students‘ houses and gathered all to come back! As time passed feelings became more intense and created a very sentimental atmosphere. We took the bus, went to the airport, and… Here we are now…!

For sure this was one of the best experiences we will ever have! Full of new acquaintances, feelings, ideas, memories and unforgettable moments!


Penelope Nikaki – Musik School Arta, Greece

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