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Coming soon to the Greek NSS: eTwinning Nets 10/11 sy

Posted by ΜΑΡΙΑ on August 8, 2010

creativity net
Dear eTwinners,

I have wonderful news! The Greek National Support Service (NSS) for eTwinning is going to launch two topic-based e-networks (communities of practice) in September 1st, 2010. The first topic is about the European Year 2010 for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion and the second about the European Year 2009 of Creativity and Innovation. Both communities are set to support teachers who intend to collaborate with European schools on such theme projects in the school year 2010-2011. Any teachers interested to participate can subscribe in advance by completing the online application forms for each e-Network. For your convenience, you can click EY2010 and EY2009.

The role of those e-Networks is:

to encourage and guide teachers through planning and implementing successful eTwinning projects step-by-step (e.g. pedagogical objectives, ICT tools, evaluation),
to model activities, games and lesson plans to be used as such or adapted to their teaching context,
to provide them with useful educational resources on those topics,
to support them with forums for discussing, sharing ideas and collaborating,
to make their end-product public to other community members,
to organise online contests for the best and most innovative teaching practices.

In particular, the Creativity e-Network seeks to enhance learner-centred objectives, such as students’ active participation and development of their creativity. Moreover, multimodal literacies are fostered, ranging from traditional language-communication, maths, science and social skills to digital literacies.

The rationale behind launching the Greek e-Networks

According to the Greek NSS, although the European Union is one of the richest regions in the world, 16% of European citizens find it hard to make ends meet, and 79 million people are below poverty threshold. In Europe, one out of ten household members are totally unemployed. Moreover, about 8% of the European population being now employed cannot ensure themselves an escape from poverty. In addition, nearly one out of five children is in danger of poor bringing-up with lifelong implications.

Taking into account that poverty and social exclusion impact on society, the EU has initiated a campaign for combating those social phenomena. On the one hand, it aims to highlight the human rights of dignity and social inclusion, and on the other hand, to raise awareness of collective responsibility and action for achieving this.

On the Greek eTwinning portal, as far as the second e-Network is concerned, we can read about the importance of creativity for human life. By considering it a synonym for innovation, open-mindedness and flexible problem-solving skills, the full development of one’s creative potential seems to be lying in a free open society that promotes a multilingual and multicultural democracy.

Significant research work has been done in the field of creativity and its manifestations (De Bono, 2003; Gardner, 1993; Runco & Albert, 1990; Sternberg & Lubart, 1991 κ.α.). The crucial role of school in students’ development of creativity is highly acknowledged by scientific studies. With respect to this, formal education curriculum should open up new ways for students’ creativity outlet (Lynch & Harris, 2001; Sternberg, 1999), because school classroom is conceived as a social and academic environment whereby not only teaching and learning but also diverse social interaction take place among the stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, agents).

What are the advantages for eTwinners’ involvement in such initiatives?

Your register to e-Networks will:

create new attractive perspectives for your school community,
increase your stakeholders’ participation levels,
accommodate for the human rights to personal growth and self-fulfillment,
motivate your students to fully exploit their creativity and express their potential,
promote a quality learning environment,
inspire social values, such as equal opportunity, welfare, inclusion, anti-discrimination, quality human life, social and gender equality.

So, why not anticipate and look for partnerships? Even if you are on summer vacations, I think it is worth considering your contribution to the Greek eTwinning theme Networks for the coming school year!

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