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4-seasons eTwinning in Greece

Posted by ΜΑΡΙΑ on July 28, 2010

You must be wondering what is so urgent for another blogpost……….Well, summertime appears to be a much promising and active season for eTwinners. So, if you have run across this news, I strongly recommend you keep reading it through.

The Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning & Religious Affairs is interested in recruiting 15 volunteer “ambassadors” for a two school year period of service. Teachers that live and work in the administrative regions of Attica, Central Macedonia, Western Greece, Central Greece, Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, Peloponnese, Western Macedonia, Thessalia, Crete, Hpeiros, Ionian Sea Islands, South Aegean and North Aegean Sea Islands can apply for those positions.

Are there any qualifications? Yes….
If you have taught for about three to five years in the primary or secondary education and you hold a certificate of English language proficiency at a B2 level, why don’t you start thinking about it?
In addition, if you have carried out successfully an eTwinning project partnership or another programme at a European or international level and you have integrated ICT in your teaching context, I suggest you consider yourself seriously for those vacancies. Moreover, if you have certified your ICT skills, you should not spend even a minute on having second thoughts.

What’s next?
Any matching candidates are asked to complete an online application form at the website of the Greek National Support Service (NSS) till 2nd of August 2010. To access this, you can click here.

But what about the duties of eTwinning ambassadors?
1. They monitor the progress of projects carried out by schools and individual teachers in the region under their supervision.
2. They organise and evaluate two workshops (at least) in the largest towns of their region.
3. They write a short report of actions taken every four months and submit it to the eTwinning NSS.
4. They report their participation in workshops, seminars and conferences about the eTwinning action to the NSS
5. They regularly use e-learning tools which have been adopted and supported by the NSS.
6. They take part and support other actions of the NSS on a local basis.

Are you feeling uneasy or even perplexed?
You should not worry at all because you can count on the NSS. The chosen ambassadors are going to participate in training programmes by the NSS at the beginning of the following two school years (2010-2011 and 2011-2012).

By the way, did you miss the opportunity to help beat the target of 5,000 wishes for eTwinning 5th anniversary? You can make up for it here. The renewed deadline is December 31st, 2010. Good luck!!!

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