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European Language Day

Posted by ΜΑΡΙΑ on June 1, 2010

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School year 2009-2010 is about to finish, so I thought of writing about another special European Day. It is celebrated on 26th September which makes it a perfect time for the beginning of each school year. Actually, my students in 2nd and 3rd Grades of Junior High School had the opportunity to read some EDL published material by the Council of Europe last September. My experience says that it’s worth spending a lesson on this topic since teenagers can get motivated for a fresh start at language learning. Furthermore, the significance of plurilingualism and pluriculturalism is acknowledged by having students understand their future needs in a European context.

If you are interested in finding more information about European Language Day, you can go to this link. In particular, at the EDL website there are articles, local contact points for promotional material, an archive of reports on previous yeras’ events, language quiz and much more.

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