Lasgush Poradeci, Winter

Winter From today my spirit is a recluse, And banished is all my joy. Long has it been that snow has lain Over mountain and over wood. Snowflakes come drifting one by one Down upon the deserted village And, shivering beneath the snow, Earth slumbers, buried once again. Slowly my spirit too sinks to the …

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Ismael Kadare, And when my memory

And when my memory And when my fading memory, Like the after-midnight trams, Stops only at the main stations, I will not forget you. I will remember That quiet evening, endless in your eyes, The stifled sob upon my shoulder, Like snow that cannot be brushed off. The separation came And I departed, far from …

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Ismael Kadaret, Poetry

Poetry How did you find your way to me? My mother does not know Albanian well, She writes letters like Aragon, without commas and periods, My father roamed the seas in his youth, But you have come, Walking down the pavement of my quiet city of stone, And knocked timidly at the door of my …

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Rita PETRO, The child and us

The child and us My child, Your child, Our child Has taken its first steps. My child, Your child, Our child Has learned to run. My child, Your child, Our child Has arisen and gone. We have grown old! [Fëmija dhe ne, from the volume Vargje të përfolura, Tirana 1994, p. 27. Translated from the …

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Rita PETRO, Perfection

Perfection God… male In his tear he created the world. World… female, In her pain she reached perfection. [from the volume Vargje të përfolura, Tirana 1994, p. 3. Translated from the Albanian by Robert Elsie]

Flutura AÇKA, Monotony

Monotony In that same street, With those same steps, Under those same trees We meet, With the very same expressions On that most monotonous and Most genuine of mornings. Grey hair, The only change In the heavy air of time. [Monotoni, from the volume Festë me ankthin, Elbasan: Onufri, 1997, p. 45, translated from the Albanian …

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Flutura AÇKA,Oblivion

Oblivion I have forgotten how to sing of love Since that moment when It betrayed me With its silence. [Harrim, from the volume Kurth’ i diellit, Tirana: Skanderbeg Books, 2003, p. 61, translated from the Albanian by Robert Elsie]

Lindita ARAPI, Walls

Walls And if a wall, long and thick, A high wall Should rise in front of you…. What would you do? I would close my eyes, I would crouch And rest my cheek against it, I would find peace in its cool serenity. And if this wall were death… [Muret, from the volume Ndodhi në …

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Lindita ARAPI,My land

My land This land Mutilated With streets and fixed purposes To expedite its people Once and for all Somewhere and nowhere. For the streets Here All end in doubtful crossroads I am searching for a Land Which I can have As my own country. My land is far away And It is there, in that …

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Naim FRASHËRI, Oh mountains of Albania

Oh mountains of Albania Oh mountains of Albania and you, oh trees so lofty, Broad plains with all your flowers, day and night I contemplate you, You highlands so exquisite, and you streams and rivers sparkling, Oh peaks and promontories, and you slopes, cliffs, verdant forests, Of the herds and flocks I’ll sing out which …

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