Celebrating New Year’s Day in Canada

by Loukia Pakkidi

In Canada, the New Year’s Day celebrations, begin on the 31st of December and continue till the early hours of the 1st of January. This day is either celebrated with a party in which lots of relatives and friends are invited, or with a gathering, where the only people are the parents and the children.
In the evening, the family has already gathered at the home in which they will eat and have begun the preparations. Some will prepare the turkey, some will set the table or make the desserts and the kids will make something easy like the cranberry sauce. After everything is done, and everyone has eaten, they go outside to a square where lots of people will be or an ice skating rink so everyone can have fun while skating or drinking hot chocolate.
When the day is coming to an end, almost everyone, young and old, gather outside and watch the fireworks and count the minutes till midnight. After the countdown is over, everyone embraces each other and the relatives kiss each other and wish each other to have a happy new year.

New Year’s Celebrations in New York

by Ntaka Anthoula, Oikouta Chrysafina

Celebrating the New Year, in New York is unlike any other. The different festivities involve people from all over the state, from all over the country, and from all over the world. The most famous celebration includes the infamous Waterford Crystal Times Square New Years Eve Ball. At 11:59 pm the ball begins to drop, and millions of people who have gathered together from all over the world, chant and count down the last seconds of the year. Other New Year Celebrations include the Brooklyn Bridge Walk, New Year’s Eve Midnight Run, and Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza outdoor party. Each of these events inspires people to come together and celebrate the New Year whether it involves crossing a bridge, running a four mile race through Central Park, or just a grand party with music, dancing and fireworks. Whichever event you decide to join, just remember, New Year Celebrations in New York are fabulous.

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