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Asian European Classroom

Συγγραφέας: | Ιανουάριος 24, 2010
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 On Thursday 19/11/2009 students from Year 10 A1, A2 and A4 classes of  IONIDIOS SCHOOL OF PIRAEUS and their Greek language teachers Georganti Aikaterini, Manopoulou Paraskevi and Gunda Christina gathered at the Library in order to support the Program “ Asian European Classroom”. In cooperation with the Greek language teacher Maria Palmou who is in charge of the school library and with the valuable coordination of Mrs Georganti they came in touch with WAKO KOKUSAI HIGH SCHOOL where the students and their teacher Hiroyuki Fujita expected to see us through their computer screen in their high- tech laboratory. The communication was very pleasant and the students and teachers came closer erasing the distance between the two continents, Asia and Europe. Through their communication, the students spoke about their interests, their culture and the elements that consist their national identity. The Japanese students where impressed by the fact that the Greek students knew a lot of information about their culture, especially about their love for chrysanthemums. The connection through the internet lasted more than two hours and the students exchanged their email addresses while agreed to communicate in the future.  

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