UBOS, η διανομή που λύνει τα χέρια διαχείρισης διακομιστή

Το UBOS αποτελεί μια εξαίσια διανομή τόσο για το Raspberry Pi όσο και για υπολογιστή. Διανομή για ειδικές χρήσεις. Η διανομή είναι βασισμένη στο Arch Linux.

SharePoint and the Internet of Things

Consider the conundrum of the artist who paints themselves into a picture. The artist is depicting a painting of him/herself painting a landscape. During painting the picture, the artist feels that there is something missing. So, the artist, in order to feel that he/she is a crucial part of the painting, paints a picture of an artist painting a picture of an artist painting a landscape. This repainting of the picture has an infinite number of artists within the picture, and yet, the artist is still outside of the picture.

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