Windows 10 English vs. English International – Which one to choose when?

Microsoft offers more than 100 languages which you can choose provided you have a valid license. For some users, selecting a language is a no brainer step, while for users who live in English speaking countries, this step can be quite confusing. The reason is that the installation setup would provide you with two options Windows 10 English and English International.

Windows 10 comes with the same features irrespective of which language version you are using. The main difference between the Windows 10 English and English International is the spelling. Both the version has few minor spelling differences like the English version drops the usage of letter u in some words in order to match the spelling with pronunciation. For example, the Windows 10 English International spells the word as ‘coloUr’ while English version spells the word as ‘colOr’.Similarly, the word ‘personaliZation’ in the English version is spelled as ‘personaliSation’ in Windows 10 English International. In general, Windows 10 International targets people who know British English and English version are meant for the Window users living in the United States.

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