New Greek survey highlights importance of educating parents to children’s internet uses

The Greek Safer Internet Centre (SIC) SaferInternet4Kids carried out a survey among 14,000 students aged 10-17 concerning children and teenagers’ online behaviours in Greece, and presents some of the main findings below.

The internet is an amazing place that opens up new horizons for knowledge, communication and entertainment. It offers young people excellent opportunities and a wealth of activities to enhance their skills and empower their knowledge and creativity. Yet, the digital space knows no limits and accepts no centralised control. Due to this openness, significant risks lurk. Online harassment, addiction, cyberbullying, theft of personal data and misinformation are just some of the challenges today’s parents and teachers have to face in order to ensure a safe and qualitative “digital life” for children.

While parental supervision and guidance are essential prerequisites for children to learn and adopt positive and safe practices online, the survey shows that a large proportion of parents in Greece do not dedicate enough care and attention to their children’s internet uses, not setting limits and rules, even for the youngest ones.

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