When to use a proxy and when to use a VPN?

Both VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and proxy servers were designed to keep you anonymous on the internet and help you access websites and services that are not available to everyone because of censorship or various restrictions. Both proxies and VPNs have advantages and disadvantages and some are better than others in certain situations. Do you know what to choose when? Do you need to use a proxy server or you need a VPN connection? When is it best to use one versus the other? This guide will explain everything you need to know.

How to Clean An Infected Computer

1. Make Sure Computer Is Actually Infected

2. How To Clean Your Computer And Make Sure It’s Actually Clean

​A) Clean Computer With CCE and TDSSKiller

B) If Still Not Clean Then Scan With HitmanPro, Malwarebytes, And Emsisoft Anti-Malware

C) If Needed Try These More Time Consuming Methods

D) If Necessary Make A Bootable Disk

3. What To Do If The Above Methods Are Unable To Clean Your Computer

4. What To Do After All Malware Is Confirmed To Be Removed

How to Create the Perfect Password!

Having your password compromised is no laughing matter. More than half a million hackers have a go at cracking Facebook passwords every single day. In an effort to protect its users, the site gives specific tips for protecting both your Facebook account and any financial information you may have saved on the site—unsurprisingly, choosing a strong password is high on the list.

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