Introducing Windows 8: Mount or Unmount ISO Images in File Explorer

In previous versions of Windows, users would have had to install third-party applications in order to properly work with ISO image files. These disc image files, which store the entire contents of a single optical disc, can be used to install programs, play games, watch movies or do anything you could do with an actual disc. Windows 8 has changed all that by providing this feature into the new File Explorer. Let’s learn how it works.

Disabling UAC in Windows 8

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  • Right-click on an open area of the Windows 8 start screen to bring up the All apps icon, which will appear in the lower-right corner. Double-click on that icon to bring up the Windows 8 Apps screen.

Figure 1: The Windows 8 ‘All apps’ icon.

  • On the Apps screen, scroll to the right and look for the Windows System category. Double-click on the Control Panel icon, as shown below.
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