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The verb “can” for the 3rd grade

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Lesson Plan (The verb can-3rd grade)

Magic Book 1: Lesson 1: Bella the cat and the baby mouse     page 35

  1. Students and Setting

Students: 3rd grade (ages 8-9), early beginners EFL. 19 pupils, 11 boys and 8 girls.

Setting: A Public Primary School, where pupils start learning English at the age of 8. The English teacher meets each grade 3 times a week and each period varies from 40-45 minutes.

Learning Characteristics and wider context of learning:

3 of them face serious learning disabilities and one of them together with behavioral problems. Only one child is of Albanian origins but she was born in Greece and she faces a serious problem with even the Greek Language.

All of my pupils have the Artistic intelligence as prevailing, but 5 of them are not Lingui stic at all. Interesting is that 3 of them do not like dancing and movement and two girls say that they don’t like singing.

The relationship among them is not very cooperative and friendly. They often fight during the breaks and in the classroom and there is a competitive atmosphere among them but not in the positive way.

  1. Lesson Background

Pupils have already done the introductory section of the book (Magic Letter land) and they are acquainted with a lot of “action” verbs. In unit 2 we have just finished with Aesop’s story “Bella the cat and the baby mouse.” We have role played it and we are familiar with the verb can in various forms. So in this lesson we are going to offer extended practice on this grammatical phenomenon. My pupils are already in mixed ability groups and the stronger pupils can help the weaker ones.

  1. Learning Objectives/Expected Results

By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to use the verb can in affirmative, question and negative form, in a meaningful way and use it with verbs of action. They will have the chance to practice it through a variety of activities which will cater for all kinds of intelligences.

  1. Materials and sources

– KWL photocopy

– Flashcards (action verbs)

– The photocopy for the “ship battle” game for the Punchinello song

-The photocopy for the Punchinello song lyrics

– CD player and CD


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