Web 2.0 Tools

  1. School Press
  2. Free Newspaper Template Pack
  3. Web 2.0: Cool Tools For Schools 
  4. Biteable – Cooperation between students
  5. Spark.adobe – Women’s rights and stereotypes
  6. Spark.adobe – Woman in the ART 
  7. Smore – Learning in a Museum
  8. Coggle – The constructivist museum
  9. Prezi – Greek monuments
  10. Buncee – Our story- united hands
  11. Buncee – Famous paintings about food
  12. Tricider – What can we do to save water?
  13. Powtoon – 8 ways to save water
  14. Powtoon – Who am I
  15. My First Storybook – The Marionette Boy competes an Old Wizard
  16. Trading Card tool
  17. Symbaloo
  18. Make Your Own Photo Calendar
  19. Free Newspaper Template Pack For Word. Perfect For School
  20. You Tube Συναντήσεις Ταινία animation μικρού μήκους με θέμα τη Μετανάστευση που δημιουργήθηκε στο πλαίσιο του Θερινού σχολείου 2016 του 2ου ΣΔΕ Τρικάλων. Βραβεύτηκε στο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Ψηφιακού Κινηματογράφου Αθήνας 2017


  • Glogster: Create online interactive posters
  • Educreations: Create and share online video lessons and explanations
  • YouTube: Upload, edit and share videos
  • PBWorks: Create wikis for online collaboration
  • Xtranormal Create video-animations


  • Voicethread: Good tools for online discussions
  • Protagonize: Publish and collaborate online
  • Google Docs: Create, edit, share, and collaborate on online docs, forms, drawins and spreadsheets
  • Google Plus: Communicate and collaborate online
  • Storify: Create social media to tell a story





  • Diigo: Social bookmarking
  • Creately: Diagrams and graphic organizers
  • Wordle: Create word clouds
  • Lino: Sticky and photo sharing for you
  • Quizlet: Online study cards

Digital tools & apps

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bloom's Taxonomy Rose

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