Take care of Teddy bear

Μετά από ένα συναρπαστικό ταξίδι σε διάφορες χώρες και σχολεία της Ευρώπης ο Teddy Bear έφτασε και στο σχολείο μας! Οι μαθητές του Γ1 τον υποδέχθηκαν με χαρά και ετοιμάζουme ήδη τiς δράσεις του με συντροφιά πάντα τον Μαξ τον βιβλιοφάγο!!!

Teddy bear wants to visit as many countries in Europe as possible. He will stay in each partner school for 1-2 weeks. During this time, you will have to do some tasks: for example take teddy to some interesting places in your city, teach him some new words in your language (you can also teach him songs, poems, games), let him taste your traditional food, etc. You should take photos of these actions and put them on Twinspace with short descriptions (you can also make a video!). Then you will have to write a story in which you will describe one adventure of our teddy in your city (you can also make a film and put the video on Twinspace!). Then you will send the teddy bear to another country. As the final result of the project we will create an e-book about the adventures of our teddy bear – using your stories and pictures.


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