Katina Paxinou


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Katina Paxinou



Our project on Great Greek women will now focus on Katina Paxinou one of the most talented actresses in Greece whose great performing skills  earned her an international fame  and made her win an award.Screenshot 2016-01-29 15.49.31

 We started looking into her life and work with great pleasure and interest as she  came from the city of Piraeus and was raised in a neighbourhood close to our school.

0dfb611995a02cd7dd8d08d8c6d3c236We got to know her through several  videos 

We were really impressed by what we saw as we knew very little about her. We kept on working with great enthusiasm to discover more about her great personality.

                        Screenshot 2016-01-29 15.49.52Screenshot 2016-01-29 15.49.26

At first, we collected information and photographs from various websites on the Internet, from old magazines, newspapers and relevant bibliography and created a small presentation of her life.

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We are glad to present a drawing and an engraving depicting Katina Paxinou that we created using digital means (our computers).

Picture2 (2)Picture1

Then you can go through a video featuring the main facts and most important moments of her life and her career. There is also a quiz at the end of the video based on the information presented . By doing it you can have an overall view of her life and work.

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Try to solve the Following Quiz

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Katina Paxinou Videos


Katina Paxinou

Blood Wedding (Federico Garcia Lorca)

Medea (Euripides)

The Island of Venus (Alexis Parnis)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Ernest Hemingway)

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