Poems ST1 / 2012-2013

House is a synonym word
Others are big others are small
Many are for the rich but
Every single one is the place where we find  love.
Rena Dimareli

Fantastic colours
Love them all
Oh, I’m so happy I live near this heavenly garden of yours
Winged butterfly come sit on  this rose
Ever wondered why I love these red roses so much?
Red is my favourite colour
So nice, so live, so energy full.
Christina Kaouki and teacher

So difficult to resist
With or without
Everyone loves them
Try this one in the shape of a
Nancy Galliou and teacher

Meant for babies,but
I love it too.
Let me pour some in this bowl for the
Kittens near the door.
George and teacher

Chocolate is delicious
Hot chocolate in a cup
Oh, I lke it so much
Cake with chocolate
Oh, I love it more than much
And Ion are my favourite brands
Tasted them all
Except for the black ones.

Cities with beautiful sights
Airports with giant airplanes
Niagara falls
A place with a lot of forests
Dear country
An amazing country with friendly people.
Sofie Andreadi

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