Distance training course – «Routes in Teaching Modern Greek»

«Routes in Teaching Modern Greek» is a distance training course that was developed within the project «Developing Levels of Certification of Attainment in Greek as a Foreign/Second Language. Certificate of Attainment in Greek for Greek Expatriates or Foreigners«. The programme was co-financed via the European Union (3rd Community Support Framework) by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and is implemented by the Center for the Greek Language.

The course is addressed to expatriates and foreigners who are involved in teaching Greek as a foreign language abroad. Its aim is to keep teachers up-to-date with developments in teaching foreign languages, and in particular Greek, to help them acquire the knowledge and teaching skills required for language teaching and to train them in the methodology of teaching Greek as a foreign language at all levels and to all age-groups.

The first course cycle lasted 9 months (August 2007-April 2008). The second cycle began on 1 June 2008 and will be completed at the end of May 2009.

The third cycle is starting on 1 June 2009 and will be completed by the end of May 2010.

There are six modules in this cycle, each comprising 2-4 units; they can be attended by those who have registered for them by filling in the relevant application form. The development of these courses has been the product of the collaboration and the contributions of notable and experienced applied and theoretical linguists, philologists, educationalists and competent computer scientists. The environment in which the course operates is user-friendly, easily accessible, and offers options that have been designed to address the trainees’ needs with efficiency and immediacy.

You can access the course by visiting http://elearning.greek-language.gr/.

If you wish to attend the third cycle (2009-2010), please read carefully the guidelines attached below, contact the Greek Education Office by email to hellenicedu.sydney@yahoo.com.au to receive the application form, fill the received form (ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ) and send it to both emails elearndiadromes@gmail.com and antonopoulou@komvos.edu.gr at the Center of Greek Language.

Bear in mind that priority will be given to the first one hundred (100) applications and the deadline is the 22 of May 2009.

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