TED TALKS – Teach every child about food

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Please, watch the following speech. Shocking but enlightening…..


Comprehension questions

1 In the next  ___ minutes ________ Americans will be dead due to obesity.

2 Some of the countries with the most unhealthy eating habits are__________________________.

3 Children will live _______ years less due to the food they eat.

4 The biggest killer in the world  is the ________ related desease.

5 ___% of health care bills are due to obesity.

6 The pastor in the short video is sick and tired of ____________ people.

7 Most foods are not fresh but highly ________ and full of ____________.

8 According to Jamie, labeling is a ___________ because it informs us about the low fat a product contains but hides that it is full of _______.

9 Lunch ladies at schools do what they can with such _____ budgets.

10 In the school restaurants, children don’t use ___________ to eat. They do not need it since they eat fast food.

11 The kids of the elementary school couldn’t recognize the __________.

12 A kid in America gets 8 tablespoons of sugar a day just by drinking ________.

13 One solution could be the presence of school ambassadors in every big ________________.

14 Schools should teach kids how to cook _______ healthy meals.

15 Jamie’s wish is to create a movement to __________ children about food, to inspire families to ______ again and to empower people everywhere to fight ______________.



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