Jamie Oliver won the TED prize

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Jamie Oliver

In 2010, Jamie Oliver won the TED prize and gave his TED speech, “Teach every child about food,” in which he spoke about the need for a global food revolution. Four years later, the revolution was in full swing. Jamie’s annual global awareness campaign, Food Revolution Day, reached millions of people every year — the third Food Revolution Day in May 2014 saw more than 10,000 events in 121 countries and reached over 1 billlion people on Twitter alone.

food revolution

There is, however, still a lot to be done; worldwide, around 1.5 billion people are overweight or obese, one in eight people is malnourished, and one-third of all food produced ends up as landfill. It’s clear that we still need to educate, inspire, and empower everyone to demand more from our global food system.

summary of Jamie Oliver’s speech

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