“Digital Life Skills on ESR” : Our Last Radio Show

DLS on ESR RS3Leonardo da Vinci Secondary School from Bussolengo, Italy, 8th Primary School of  Orląt Lwowskich from Zamość, Poland and 10th Helioupolis Primary School from Athens, Greece cooperate in the eTwinning project “Digital Life Skills on European School Radio”.  Through our 15-minute radio shows, broadcasted in the European Zone, Italian, Polish and Greek pupils inform the ESR audience about the products of our project work together.  Each show consists of six brief announcements in one of the following EU languages: English, Italian, Polish, French, German and Greek. In our third radio show, we will talk briefly about our third “Life Skills” Activity on the topic of prejudice and bias. The activity is based on the “Life Skills: Developing Active Citizens” handbook written by Cliff Parry & Maria Nomikou on behalf of the British Council Greece.  The core of the activity is the story of Mr David Miller who, after losing his job, decides to turn his big house into 6 flats and rent them. To select the right people to live with him in the same building Mr Miller interviews a single mother, an unemployed African-American, refugees, Palestinian students, old pensioners, physically- and visually impaired people and others.

Who do you think he would choose to live with?

The children researched all 14 cases of possible tenants, filled in character identity cards, drew the characters, wrote the scripts and recorded themselves acting them out. The videos are available on our shared TwinSpace. The process and the products of our work are briefly described in two 15-minute Radio Shows in English, Italian, Polish, French, German and Greek. Each announcement is accompanied by a famous film soundtrack in the relevant language.

Below you can read the titles of the music pieces of our “DLS on ESR Radio Show 3”:

Radio Show 3 (Part A)

  • English, the project language: soundtrack (music by Stephen Warbeck) of the American film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” (2001) directed by John Madden & starring Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz
  •  Polish, project partner’s language: Original soundtrack (music by Kristian Eidnes Andersen) of the Academy Award winning Polish film “Ida” (2013) directed by Paweł Pawlikowski, starring Agata Kulesza
  •  Italian, project partner’s language: Original soundtrack (music by Nicola Piovani) of the Academy Award-nominated Italian film  “La Vita è Bella” (1997) directed by Roberto Benigni & starring Roberto Benigni

Radio Show 3 (Part B)

  • French: “Les choristes” (music by Bruno Coulais) is the original soundtrack of the 2004 Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated film “Les Choristes” directed by Christophe Barratier and starring Gérard Jugnot, François Berléand, Kad Merad and Jean-Baptiste Maunier
  • German: Soundtrack from the German tragicomedy “Good Bye Lenin!“ (2003). Music by Yann Tiersen. Directed by Wolfgang Becker. Starring Daniel Brühl & Katrin Saß
  • Greek, project partner’s language: “Τα παιδιά του Πειραιά” (Music by Manos Chatzidakis) from the Greek movie «Ποτέ την Κυριακή»/ “Never on Sunday” (1960) directed by Jules Dassin & starring Melina Merkouri

(Most of the above mentioned films are international or European co-productions)

 Project teachers  

Justyna Babiarz-Furmanek (English, Polish) – 8th Primary School of  Orląt Lwowskich

Alessandra Lovato (English, Italian) – Leonardo da Vinci Secondary School

Natalia Tzitzi (English, Greek) -10th Helioupolis Primary School

Participating Teachers

Maria Sarantinopoulou (French) – 10th Helioupolis Primary School

Hara Kourkouli (German) – 10th Helioupolis Primary School

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