The survey results based on a questionnaire which was filled by 227 girls and 225 boys of our school. The purpose of the survey was to investigate how our School can be more attractive, how the ideal teacher is and finally if our students have ever thought about dropping out and if they have what were the reasons

The factors which will help school to be more attractive:

  • The most important factor was the occupation with artistic, cultural or sports activities.
  • Students want all their homework to be completed at school in order to have more free time.
  • They would like to be evaluated through various ways – not only through writing-. This alternative evaluation respects every child’s unique personality and his/her special inclinations.

Students were asked to define the “ideal teacher” (what qualities such a teacher should possess). 

  • An ideal teacher contributes a lot to the attractiveness of school.
  • The ideal teacher doesn’t discriminate in favour of the good students and against the bad “ones”

Generally, we should respect the different student profiles that we have in our classes. We should focus and promote tolerance among students

The factors which lead students to the thought of dropping out from school:

  • To our surprise a remarkable percentage of the students (22%) answered positive to the question considering there thoughts about dropping out. They also regard the most important factors leading to dropout
  • the unattractive curriculum and lack of motivation
  • the consequences of the economic crisis made students to think about dropping out in order to get a job
  • interpersonal relations—the way they are developed at school– influence considerably the quitting and the atmosphere were learning takes place, that’s why it needs to be taken into account


(Research at the beginning of the project, September 2014)