The evolution of education in-partner schools

During the partners meeting in Poland all of the partners presented the evolution of educational system of each country.

In each country the education has changed year after year. Education went through a progressive evolution that is still happening today. Having watched all the presentations there are some conclusions.

We can notice that in all the countries the education is changing year after year however these changes are on the a similar level. The first similarity concerns the school’s life. Discipline was much harder than nowadays, Turkey claims “School had prison like discipline and it wasn’t making education better”, Portugal says “Teachers used to apply physical punishment, students were forced to pray and sing the national anthem every morning at school”. In Poland children had to follow the rules, for bad behavior they had to stay long hours after compulsory classes, or the teacher could beat them with a ruler.

The second similarity is on the educational level. In the past most of the children finished only the primary school, only few continued their education in high school. The education was expensive so only few could afford it and a small number of students studied in universities.

 Another similarity is that boys and girls took classes separately in the past, in Poland for example girls took part in many practical classes only for girls, such as: cooking, sewing, knitting. For boys there were the following classes: carpentry, animal breeding, farming.

With regard to school clothes in all countries all pupils were forced to wear school uniforms. In Poland school uniforms had to be in white and dark blue color, with a white collar and school shield on it.

In term of technology there are no diversities among all countries: in every classroom there were old – fashioned desks, inkwells, counters, books were grey and ugly (not everyone could afford them), teachers and students used blackboards and chalks to write.

Nowadays everything has changed, democracy brought freedom to modern world. As Portugal says: “ Teaching is more liberal” because education is compulsory and free for everyone, regardless of social status, teachers can’t use physical punishment, student’s don’t use school uniforms, schools are beautiful and colorful with access to the Internet. Now everything is easier “ People give importance to education. Teachers want to teach. We buy various books. We do experiments in Science lessons through animations. Most of the students study in universities” – as Turkey said. In modern school classrooms have multimedia items – computers, whiteboards, tablets. In modern world we have more freedom than in the past.

Photo exhibition



Sports Shows – Decade 1960 – 1st Primary School of Xanthi
At the end of the school year, school sports shows take place at the old town square. Parents and the school community are present.

Commemorative Photo – 1965 – 1st High School of Xanthi.
Male school, the cap is mandatory for the students.

Commemorative Photo – 1980 – Female Senior High School of Xanthi.
All high schools are separated (male/female). Next year they will all become mixed (1981). The Female Lyceum will be the 2nd Senior High School (2nd Lyceum).

Carnival Parade – 1982 – 2nd High School of Xanthi
1st participation of schools, uniforms are donated by the municipality of Xanthi.

Football Match (Students vs Teachers) – 2005 – 2nd Senior High School (Lyceum) of Xanthi.
School games occasionally take place at school between teachers and students.

Anniversary Parade – 2015- 2nd Senior High School (Lyceum) of Xanthi.
Uniforms are worn on special occasions only. The undergraduate student with the highest grades holds the flag.


Technical high school “Elena di Savoia”: Art class

Technical high school “Elena di Savoia”: Typing class

1992 ITF Vittorio Emanuele II: Gym team

2013 IIS Vittorio .Emanuele II: Marine biology lesson in the “Gaiola Underwater Park”

2015 IIS Vittorio Emanuele II – Language laboratory and Science laboratory: students learn different subjects in the laboratory.


Field trip to Alcobaça Monastery (60’s)

Break time

Children wearing school uniforms

After the 25th of April – Children without uniforms


Students relaxing


Students of Primary School No. 5 in Dąbrowa Górnicza – 1959-1960 school year. Students in traditional school uniforms from the mid-twentieth century; In the classroom there are traditional wooden desks and a coat hanger (there weren’t cloakrooms in the past).

Female class of Primary School No. 4 on a trip to the Palace of Culture in Dąbrowa Górnicza in 1961.

Public School No. 2 in Dąbrowa Górnicza in 1920. The school building in the background.

Students of School Complex No. 4 in the multimedia classrooms. Classes in the computer lab with internet access.

Students of School Complex No. 4 in the multimedia classrooms. Biology lesson in the biology lab with using whiteboard – interactive activities.

Students of School Complex No. 4 in the multimedia classrooms. Biology lesson in the biology lab with using whiteboard – interactive activities.

Classes at the school swimming pool in the School Complex No. 4. Students are preparing for a swimming competition.

Regional education – a trip to Huta Bankowa (heavy industry). Students learned metalworking production processes.


Yozgat Primary School, students in a cooking lesson with their teacher, in 1960.

Çorum Primary School,teacher and students in the celebration program on 23th April “Children’s Day” in 1971. The students used to wear black uniform and white neckband.

Izmir Saint Joseph French College, Secondary School, 2nd class students with music teacher and their class teacher,in 1949. With the preparatory class, the school was for 4 years and only the boys could go to that school. Almost all lessons were studied in French.

Istanbul Kandilli High School for Girls, students with Biology teacher, History of Art teacher and Music teacher, in 1965. Only the girls could go to that school.

Primary School students in the celebration program on 29th October “Repuclic Day” in 2014. The school uniform is no longer black. The students wear blue uniform and white neckband.

İzmir Çiğli Fen Lisesi, teacher and students in Music Class in 2014.