Reflections on the evolution of education


Primary school students were wearing black uniforms. Now they wear blue uniforms. High school students were wearing uniforms. Now they wear uniforms too. But uniforms are more colorful. Equipments and materials of schools’ were not rich. Teachers and students were using blackboards and chalks to write. Most of students were using school bags to carry their materials. Now there are smart boards in schools. The students have tablets and smart mobile phones! We have ‘’E-school’’ system on which students can get information about their grades, etc.


In the Past: Schools didn’t have computers, whiteboards and projectors. Books were grey and ugly. Students had to wear uniforms and learn without Internet! If a pupil was naughty, teacher could beat them with a ruler. Students wrote with ink, but at first class they used only pencils.

Nowadays: Schools are beautiful and colorful. Classrooms have multimedia items (computers, whiteboards, tablets etc.) Textbooks are wonderful. They have glossy covers and include a lot of interesting information. Pupils can learn with the Internet and wear clothes which they like. Teachers are friendly and understanding.


In the time of my grandparents there was no freedom.
Education was not like it is today, it was hard and difficult to get.
Now everything is different. Democracy brought freedom to our new world.
We should feel gratitude and happiness for living in a time without oppression.


For centuries the education has been interpreted as inculcation and a sort of “children work”.

Active participation and involvement in the learning process is the current approach to education.


Living under different conditions, our parents and grandparents experienced, as students, other difficulties at school than we do. Even though school might be hard, in the end it only leaves good memories that make us not to hate it. There are many things we must change and we should stop being stuck in the past educational systems.