FMP is a school that understands the 21st century’s education goals and prepares the students to face the future with the required tools. Projects open minds, widen and strengthen the European dimension. 

International Projects: 

  • Our project is an added value to the school community promoting a deeper knowledge and discussion about a problem which affects a large number of schools all over the world.
  • A school theatre festival in German language promoting the use of theatre practices in the learning process of foreign languages. FMP’s students have already played in Turin, Paris and Berlin.
  • A school partnership with Max-Planck Gymnasium in Dortmund, Germany, aiming at improving the use of foreign languages and understanding other education systems and cultures.
  • An international partnership which allows the contact with young students coming from different countries, disseminating the values of volunteer work and entrepreneurship. Two university students from China and Romania spent six weeks at school.

National Projects

  • A programme that promotes volunteering projects, spreading the meaning of being volunteer and motivating children and young people to become active citizens and change the world around them. FMP has recently won a prize for the work done along this school year.
  • The Project Management Institute and FMP are partners and have developed an interesting and successful partnership. Teachers and students have gained experience in the use of project tools, getting prepared for the implementation of new projects both at school and in their personal and professional life.
  • This local arts project carried out with the support of the municipality of Almada aimed at promoting peace, non-violence and freedom, inspired by Picasso’s Guernica. Several classes participated in this initiative drawing and painting, thus celebrating the values of our 25th April 1974 Carnation Revolution.
  • Projects with the Lusófona University have also motivated students and teachers to join activities celebrating “ cultural diversity within Portuguese-speaking countries”. For the second time the school was awarded prizes, due to the quality and originally of the works produced.

These are just a few examples of the many projects developed in FMP. According to the specificity of the different subjects teachers and students get involved in several initiatives aiming at promoting objectives which contribute to give visibility and raise interest on defined target goals.