Activities developing interest

  • Maths Club, History Club, Film Club, Biology Club, Physics Club, Sport Club, Literature Club, Music Club, Geography Club
  • participation of students in different subjects competitions and national competitions

Environmental Education:

  • Cleaning the world – our students clean up areas around the school and parks on the “Pogoria 3” lakes
  • Visit the mobile planetarium “ORBITEK” at school
  • Geography lessons in the field
  • Participation in the international celebration of Earth Day – preparing posters and presentations

Health Education 

  • Participation in „Be bone marrow donor” action 
  • Seminar about “Healthy food” and “Healthy lifestyle”. 
  • Competition promoting healthy food in our school – students made posters
  • Collection of medicines for the organization Lekarze Nadziei”

Cultural programs

  • Visiting cinemas, theatres, museums etc. 
  • Film education – Film Club: students prepared their own short films
  • Life History Lesson – invited actors performed some episodes about history
  • Cooperation with local library – reading books promotion
  • Visit to the Copernicus Science Centre – learning through experience

Meeting with Experts

  • Training session for teachers: 
  • Training “Creative thinking – to promote the development of students ‘talents’“
  • Training “Formative assessment – some tips for teachers how to teach efficiently”

Other activities

  • The day dedicated to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Halloween party
  • The Hazing Party
  • The Day of Spring
  • Day of foreign languages
  • Interschool sport competitions – Handball
  • Sport’s games
  • Visiting historical places in Poland