Environmental Education

  • Visit to the Marine Protected Area “Gaiola Underwater Park” ( Naples)
  • Conference about “ Protection of marine environment and Safety in the sea” by the Coast Guard Corp of the Italian Navy

Health education

  • Seminar about “Nutrition education”
  • Meeting for the 4th grade students of the health and social course, about “ Sexually transmitted diseases” by Public Health Service of Naples

Career treatment

  • Participation in Universities’ of Naples presentations
  • Participation in “Orientasud” a convention for education and job orientation
  • Participation in the Military Aeronautic Academy presentation
  • Participation in the “Interpreters and Translators school” presentation 

Cultural Programs

  • Drama: the students performed the play “Il re scugnizzo”
  • Cinema days for all the students of the school
  • Visit to the Archeological Museum of Naples
  • Visit to the S.Martino Museum and S.Elmo Castle 
  • Visit to the Science Museums of the University

 Meetings with experts

  • Conference “Dialog about Italian Constitution” by Senator Abenante
  • Conference about “Feminicide” by Prof. Carlo Signori (President of “Anti-violence association T. Buonocore”)


  • Seminar about “Preventing and fighting bullying” by the ERA association

Other activities

  • The students participated in the “Science Picnic” an outdoor science popularization event held in the garden of the Science Museum 
  • The students and their teachers built and launched a “Weather Ballon” equipped with instruments such as video camera, GPS, and measure instruments. It reached 36000 meters of altitude.
  • Soccer, Volleyball and Bowling competitions