Third meeting in Italy

25-31/10/2015, IIS Vittorio Emanuele II,Naples


  • After the first year of the project all partners prepared the interim report.
  • Proverbs and good sayings about education were collected
  • Questionnaires about
    • “How will my school become attractive?
    • How do I want my teachers to be? were prepared, collected and processed.
  • Guidelines for students group work prepared by Portugal

Two teachers from each partner school and two students from Greek, Polish, Portuguese schools and one student from a Turkish school participated in the meeting.

All the students and the teachers took part in different activities according to the program, as agreed by all the partners.

The following activities were carried out:


On 25th October the delegates from Turkey, Poland, Greece and Portugal arrived in Naples. They were welcomed at the airport by Italian teachers and hosting families. The teachers stayed at Villa Margherita Hotel.

(1st day)

On 26th October all the teachers and the students took part in the welcoming ceremony: 

Italian students presented the history and the traditions of the city. Traditional dances were presented by the Physical Education teacher and a group of Italian students.

In Workshop 1 the Italian Educational system, the profile of IIS Vittorio Emanuele II and the existing school leaving data (2014) were presented.

The effects of the project were presented as activities that were tested at Vittorio Emanuele II to reduce the number of drop-out. In conclusion, teachers’ testimonies about the positive effects of the European projects carried out at Vittorio Emanuele during the past 10 years on the students were presented.

During this time the students took part in activities organized by the Italian teachers (games about the Naples’ places and traditions they had seen during the welcoming ceremony)

All the partners visited the school. The parents and the students of IIS Vittorio Emanuele II prepared a lunch with traditional Italian food for the visitors. In the afternoon all the partners and the students visited the Old Town.

(2nd day)

On 27th October the whole group made a cultural visit to Pompei ruins and to Sorrento where it was possible to see local handicraft activities.


(3rd day)

On 28th October in the Workshop 2 each country presented three proverbs about education that the students had chosen in their school. After a discussion, one of the Portuguese proverbs was chosen as the best.

The teachers visited the Head of the Education Department of Naples to present the project work and the different local problems about education. The point of view of the Italian education department about drop-out and the approaches to reduce this phenomenon were discussed.

After the meeting, the new Underground stations were visited.

At school the students discussed about how to change the school to reduce early school leaving

(4th day)

On 29th October the whole group made a tour of the area where the school is located (Phlaegrean fields) to know the geography and the history of that place. 

In the afternoon the whole group visited «Smart Education and Technology Days» an exhibition concerning School and Educational technologies.

(5th day)

On 30th October in the Workshop 3 each partner presented stories about drop-out from the interviews with the students who had left the school. Afterwards, students’ conclusions concerning strategies to prevent early school leaving were presented. 

The activities of the next meeting in Portugal were planned and certificates of participation were given to all participants. A questionnaire for evaluating the meeting was given to the teachers and students at the end of the program.

On 31st October the delegations from Greece, Portugal, Poland and Turkey departed from Naples.