Second meeting in Poland

13-19/04/2015, Queen Jadwiga Complex of Schools no 4, Dąbrowa Górnicza

Before the Meeting

  • Our project and our 1st meeting were presented in each partner school Web site and also in the local press in some partners’ hometowns.
  • The official Web page of our project ( was created by Greece.
  • Icebreaking games were provided by all the partner schools
  • Potential dropout students in partner schools were identified and the main reasons of dropout were analyzed.
  • Surveys to students on dropout in each partner school were conducted.
  • New approaches, experiences and strategies to reduce the number of early school leaving were collected.
  • Photo Exhibition, presentations and student reflections on the Evolution of Education were prepared.
  • The T-shirts with the slogan and logo of the project were designed by Portugal, submitted to the partners’ appreciation and choice and, finally, produced by each partner.

Three teachers with one student from Turkey, two teachers and two students from Greece, two teachers and two students from Italy, two teachers and two students from Portugal participated in the meeting in Poland.

All students and teachers took part in different activities according to the program that was accepted by all partners.

The following activities were organized:

On Monday 13th April delegations from Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Italy arrived to Poland. They were welcomed by our teachers and accommodated in Hotel Pogoria Residence. All students were taken from the airport by host families.

(1st day)

On Tuesday 14th April all teachers visited the City Hall in Dąbrowa Górnicza, they participated in the official meeting with the Mayor of the town. 

During this time all students visited school and took part in activities organised by polish teachers (students had prepared a project about Poland related to customs, traditions, historical places, geography, famous people).

After visiting the City Hall all teachers came to school and with all students they took part in the welcoming ceremony. 

All partners visited the building of Complex School no. 4 and after that they started the Workshop 1 while they could watch a presentation about Dąbrowa Górnicza prepared by a Polish student. The best students` essays “Reflects on the evolution of education” were read. The Presentation “System of education in Poland” was presented.

The parents of association members and students of Queen Jadwiga Complex of Schools no. 4 prepared lunch with traditional Polish food for the visitors.

(2nd day)

On Wednesday 15th April a trip to Krakow was organized. Students and teachers visited the Main Market Square, Wawel Castle, Barbican, St. Mary’s Basilica, St. Peter and Paul Church, Cloth Hall and Museum “Rynek Underground” – multimedia tour following the traces of European identity of Krakow.

(3rd day)

On Thursday 16th April there was held the Workshop 2. There was held a deep discussion on the new experiences, approaches and practical possibilities to reduce the number of early school leaving. Each partner presented the conclusions about potential students` dropout and the main reasons of dropout in their schools. The participants discussed various experimental measures to reduce this phenomenon.

The head teachers from different partner schools were invited to discuss this problem – headmasters from Karol Adamiecki Complex School of Economics and S. Staszic Technical Vocational School answered the questions about early dropping out of school, reasons and solutions. Students participated in the game “Find someone who…” for team formation, acquaintance and breaking ice between the team members. There was organized a Photo exhibition “School in my hometown in the past and today ” – each country has prepared 6 images with commentary.

There was held a meeting with local businessman for promoting entrepreneurship and raising students awareness concerning job opportunities. All groups presented the presentations about “The evolution of the school life in the students hometown or their parents hometown” for a better understanding of today’s school.

In the afternoon students and teachers visited MOPT ( The Youth Centre of Creative Work) where they could take part in dance, art and theatre workshops. They became familiar with Polish traditional dance, traditional folk costumes and songs. After art workshops there were able to design their own wraps.

(4th day)

On Friday 17th April, in Workshop 3 the activities of the next meeting in Italy were planned in details. The certificates of participation were given to the participants and the teachers and students were given a questionnaire for evaluating the meeting at the end of the program.

Next part of the workshop was connected with informal education: a bicycle tour and walking around Pogoria Lakes – visiting the nature reserve.

Students and teachers participated in the activities together. During the visit and current school activities teachers and students were wearing T-shirts with logo and project’s slogan in order to advertise the project’s goals and dissemination of the project.

(5th day)

On 18th April teachers visited Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp where they could become familiar with the history of the II World War. 

In the afternoon, the Turkish delegation departed.

On 19th April all delegations from Portugal, Italy and Greece departed from Poland.