First meeting in Turkey

6-13/12/2014, Çiğli Fen Lisesi, Ismir (Sasali Cigli)


  1. The project started with an exchange of emails among partners. The result of this communication was the planning of the activities of the project.
  2. The first version of the Web page was made by Greece
  3. The blog of Portugal ( was made.
  4. The contract of the project and the questionnaire for the evaluation of the meetings were prepared by each partner.
  5. Students of the partners schools got involved in the project, preparing the following activities:
    • The “Erasmus+ Corner’’ in each school
    • The group of our project in facebook
    • Proposals of logos of the project
    • Proposals of slogans of the project
    • Icebreaking games and activities

The first Meeting of the Project was held on 7th – 13th December 2014 at Çiğli Fen Lisesi in İzmir Turkey. Two teachers from each partner schools and two students from Greek, Italian and Portuguese schools and one student from Polish school participated in the meeting.

The following activities were done within the program as agreed by all partners.

On 7th December, all delegates arrived in Izmir. The teachers accommodated in İzmir Vilayetler Evi, Karşıyaka. The hosting families took the students coming from Greece, Italy, Poland and Portugal from the Hotel.

(1st day)

On 8th December, after the welcome ceremony and the guidance of the teachers and students at Çiğli Fen Lisesi, all groups presented their schools , the countries and cities they lived in.

In Workshop 1, the Turkish National Educational System and the existing database on dropout of school in Turkey was presented by the Turkish Coordinator. The Turkish Traditional Songs were presented by the Music teacher and music group of the school.

The Art Teacher presented “paper marbling” at art class and then all the visitors made “paper marbling”.

(2nd day)

On 9th December, the whole group made a cultural trip to Selçuk-Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary and a small village “Şirince”. On the way, a private school “Özel Ege Koleji” was visited. 

(3rd day)

On 10th December, in Workshop 2, we discussed on the details regarding the planning, redistribution of activities, responsibilities and tasks of all partners involved, and the course of the project. The formal agreement (Contract) was decided and signed by all of the partners. The best slogan and the best logo were chosen . The slogan and also the logo of the Portuguese school were chosen as the best slogan and the best logo. The Head of the Education Department and the District Governor of Çiğli were visited. 

(4th day)

On 11th December, the whole group made a sightseeing trip in Izmir. İzmir Bird Paradise, the Saltpan, İzmir Natural Life Park, Atatürk’s Museum, Asansor “Historical Elevator”, Konak Square, the Clock Tower, Kemeraltı Bazaar and Hisarönü Mosque were visited.

(5th day)

On 12th December, in Workshop 3 the activities of the next meeting in Poland were planned. All groups presented the existing database on dropout of school .

The parent association members and students of Çiğli Fen Lisesi prepared lunch with traditional foods for the visitors. 

Certificates of participation were given to the participants. A questionnaire for evaluating the meeting was given to the teachers and students at the end of the program.

In the goodbye party our traditional dances were presented and the Music Group of the School gave a concert. All the students and teachers of the school attended to the activity. 

In the evening, the Greek delegation departed.

On 13th December, the delegations from Italy, Poland and Portugal departed from İzmir.