Fifth meeting in Greece

10-16/04/2016, 2nd General Lyceum, Xanthi


  • Each partner created a spot for our project
  • Teachers prepared all material necessary for the final evaluation of the project in Greece

All the partners were present: Portugal with two teachers and two students; Italy with two teachers and two students; Poland with two teachers and two students and Turkey with two teachers and one student.

10th April

The Greek partners met Edu-Living & Edu-Leaving’s partners from Turkey, Italy and Poland at the airport of Kavala and the partners from Portugal arrived at the bus station of Xanthi.

(1st day)

11th April

The director of the school welcomed all the delegations in his office. 

After the official welcome and the exchange of gifts, the partners were invited to a welcome session with Greek Traditional Music performed by our students, which was followed by a PP presentation of our city Xanthi. 

Then it was the time to present our school, starting from the Extracurricular Activities, which have taken place the last two years and after a brief coffee break at the library, teachers continued with the presentation of the education system in Greece. At the discussion later, we had the chance to compare the different systems among our schools and talk about similarities and differences. At the same time, the students were involved in some ice- breaker games and activities led by the psychologist Mrs. Voula Dionisiou.

In the afternoon the group visited the Folklore and Historical Museum of Xanthi, where they had the chance to get to know all the various cultures and customs of the people who passed by or lived and mixed together, giving the city its special multicultural atmosphere. In spite of the rain the group enjoyed a sightseeing tour to the Old Town of Xanthi, through the narrow streets and the typical architecture. 

(2nd day)

12th April

The day started at the school library where a presentation was shown to the teachers about the School Violence Watch Network and its activities in order to reduce bullying and help students who think of dropping out school because of that.

Next, teachers and students went on a trip to Avdera visiting Vistonida lake with its important wetland ,the small Saint Nikolas Church in Porto Lagos and the archaeological museum of the ancient city of Avdera.

The vice mayor of Abdera greeted teachers and students in her office at Abdera town hall, welcomed the guests, spoke about the activities of the municipality and wished them a pleasant stay.

In the afternoon the teachers worked on the preparation of the magazine and the other final products of the project. Partners shared the work of the different sections of the final report.

(3rd day)

13th April

While the students were preparing the song with the assistance and guidance of a local musician Antonis Mousades, the teachers visited the Town Hall and had an official meeting with the Mayor of the town.

After a short coffee break under the warm sun at the Central Square the teachers met with Mr. Papantoniou who is a Career Advice Counsellor in Secondary Schools of Xanthi and Mrs. Klouri who is the Director of Extracurricular Activities in Secondary Schools of Xanthi. They both described the efforts and initiatives undertaken in schools to help students obtain self-knowledge and self-confidence, in order to be able to make the right choices concerning their participation in the extra-curricular activities and their future career prospects during their schooling . The partners exchanged good practices and ideas realized at the different educational systems in their countries.

The students attended a traditional dance workshop, organised by trainers of one of the many cultural associations of the city.

In the afternoon at the hotel, the teachers worked with the conclusions & suggestions for the evaluation of the local activities and the evaluation of the project.


(4th day)

14th April

The group participated with the rest of the school community into an all day trip to the island of Thassos with the ancient theater and its picturesque harbor.

(5th day)

15th April

The students were doing sports while the teachers were working with the evaluation of the meeting, the project and the final report at the school library. In the meantime, the director and the general coordinator gave an interview on a local television channel about the school drop out and the activities of the project.

After that the students sang the song of the project and they all watched the projection of video spots concerning drop-out and also videos of the previous four meetings, which was an opportunity to remember the beautiful moments lived and shared in the last two years. After a short break the certificates of attendance were delivered by the director.

At the lunch the partners had the chance to taste some local food prepared by the parents of the students involved in the project.

16th April

delegations from Italy, Portugal, Poland and Turkey departed from Xanthi.