International Children’s Book Day

This thought provoking poster for International Children’s Book Day 2011 comes from Estonia, with a beautiful design by Jüri Mildeberg (aka Jüri Mildebergius). The theme is ‘The Book Remembers’.

Saturday, 2nd April is the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen is celebrated worldwide as International Children’s Book Day.  There are a myriad of ways to do this in schools, libraries and homes.  Some suggestions include:

•    reading and promoting stories by HC Andersen
•    introducing folk tales from around the world
•    invite a local storyteller to tell HC Andersen stories and/or folktales from overseas
•    inviting parents from other cultures to share their childhood favourites and folk tales
•    suggesting your own book club read an overseas children’s book
•    encouraging children to write a story about a child from another culture
•    start a pen pal club with children from abroad
•    encourage each class to create a diaorama featuring a folk-tale or story from elsewhere
•    explore flags, food, clothing, housing and stories from other cultures
•     invite fellow staff members to have a lunch or gathering where they speak for about a minute or so about their favourite children’s book
•    and light a candle for world peace.

Posted on March 4, 2011 by ibbyaustralia

I think it is a wonderful opportunity to read any children’s books in class. Unit 8 in the Grade 5 book is called ALL ABOUT STORIES and the Activity book has a piece on Hans Christian Andersen.  Books by various children’s authors are mentioned ….Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Eugene Trivizas. I always wait to hand out the reader MMPublications offer the Grade 3 students on or around this day. THE UGLY DUCKLING by Hans Christian Anderson! It is also fun to make bookmarks with students and to encourage them to read in their free time… Happy reading!

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